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Well-established Russian manufacturer of medical equipment, offering the market high-tech solutions of premium quality in the fields of physiotherapy, sterilization and disinfection since 2001.
Premium Quality of the equipment
Full Cycle of customer service and technical support
Unique Technology Platform and Product Development Methodology
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Med TeCo started extensive R&D, design and production of medical devices in 2021.
  • Products in 3 fields:
    low-temperature sterilizers, physiotherapy equipment, recirculators
  • product patents
  • 77

    items in the Product Line
    including those with no analogues in the Russian market
  • 20


    represents the products of TM Med TeСo at the medical market
  • 200


    • R&D department
    • Design bureau
    • Manufacturing Lines supporting Full Cycle of Production
    • Certification experts
    • Department of Foreign Trade
    • Customer Service Department
Revenue Source Composition:
  • 70%
    low-temperature sterilizers
  • 50%
    physiotherapy equipment
  • 15%
    recirculator irradiators
The success of the company is ensured by its own manufacturing lines and all the necessary subdivisions (warehouses, measuring and testing labs) located at its own production site in the close proximity to Moscow. The Company operates its own fleet of vehicles.
The manufacturing lines are equipped with the most advanced machinery including lasers, turning, milling, bending machines with CNC control that enables company to complete production cycle mainly in-house
  • RUB 1.1 bln
    Company revenue in 2022


The company is one of the industry leaders in R&D, innovative product development, design and supply of high-tech products to medical institutions in Russia, directly and through a developed dealer network

  • 10 000


  • in the Russian Federation, CIS countries, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and India


Production Management Processes are supported by the advanced information systems, which guarantees traceability in accordance with the ISO requirements
Product Info
  • Production Standards are in full

    compliance with the requirements of Russian and International standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and all the legal requirements
  • Certificates

    Registration certificates of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, certificates of the Russian Federation, CE

  • Med TeKo products are widely applied in medical and preventive care institutions of the Russian Federation

Med Teo medical equipment has been clinically tested in the following leading Russian medical institutions: Main Military Clinical Hospital named after Academician N.N. Burdenko, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Central Military Clinical Hospital named after A.A. Vishnevsky

  • balanced price offer and uninterrupted supply
  • customer service and technical support and warranty service
  • high performance characteristics of the products
‣ equipment preparation and tuning
‣ launch of equipment for industrial use
‣ authorized service centers on the territory of the Russian Federation
‣ remote monitoring of equipment operation
‣ availability of consumables and spare parts
‣ Med TeKo training platform for engineers

A high level of service is provided by a highly qualified engineering team and the availability of the equipment operation remote monitoring option, which guarantees a prompt response and elimination of any malfunction in the shortest possible time.
Updating the knowledge base of service engineers, close cooperation with the R&D department in terms of introducing new technologies and improving current ones, allows to maintain a given level of service support to the Client.


universal plasma low-temperature sterilizer. It allows quickly, safely and effectively
sterilize a wide range of medical devices. The technology is based
on the creation of a biocidal plasma medium in a vacuum chamber with hydrogen peroxide vapor.
The advantages of low-temperature
sterilizers Med TeCo
  • Absolute sterility of the products:
    in sterilizers, the function of direct hardware measurement of the concentration of sterilizing agent vapor in the chamber throughout the sterilization cycle is implemented. The information is available on the monitor or via the built-in printer reports
    1 /
  • Automatic peroxide removal system:
    sterilizers have a built-in system for releasing the sterilant after its expiration date into a separate compartment without additional manual manipulation or contact with personnel, which guarantees safety during the operation of the device
    2 /
  • Remote operation control:
    sterilizers are equipped with a remote device performance control system. Data from built-in sensors provides supervisory monitoring of the equipment condition. The system allows to analyze the malfunctions of the engineer's visit to the facility and reduces the risks of breakdowns
    3 /
The series of Plaster sterilizer


Med TeCo

Low-temperature sterilizer

Plaster-50 / 50-02

Med TeCo

Low-temperature sterilizer

Plaster-120-01 / 120P-01

Med TeCo

Low-temperature sterilizer
An extensive product line of devices with a wide range of effects has been developed and produced,
which has high performance characteristics in accordance with the current market requirements
Physiotherapy equipment
Aerosol therapy
High-frequency magnetic therapy
Low-frequency magnetic therapy
Ultrasound therapy
Shortwave therapy
Ultra-high frequency therapy
closed-type bactericidal recirculator irradiators
with an ozone-free bactericidal lamp for air disinfection
"OBR-Med TeKo" are designed for disinfection of indoor air
both in the presence or absence of people
Range of bactericidal irradiators-recirculators
Ceiling mounted





Med TeCo is a reliable supplier
at the medical equipment market
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